Strategic Award under Health Services Category

King Abdullah Arabic Health Encyclopedia (KAAHE) won the Strategic Award under Health Services Category in the 11th Pan Arab Excellence Awards Competition (PAWA). Award ceremony was held on 29th April in Dubai, and the award was received by Prof. Majid Altuwaijri, the general supervisor of KAAHE project, and Dr. Abdulrahman Alsughayer, the editor-in-chief of KAAHE website.

This award comes to recognize KAAHE’s efforts in building a rich health website that presents simplified and reliable information, offers many helpful health tools and publishes updated health news. 



HON certification:

HONcode status King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Arabic Health Encyclopedia
is in compliance with the HONcode
Validity of certificate   8 Dec 2015 - Dec 2016


Reference: https://www.healthonnet.org/HONcode/Conduct.html?HONConduct677787

What is the HONcode certification?

HONcode is the oldest and the most used ethical and trustworthy code for medical and health related information available on Internet.The HONcode is designed for three target audiences: the general public, the health professionals and the web publisher, actively involving the site owner in the process of certification.

The HON Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization, internationally known for its pioneering work in the field of health information ethics, notably for the establishment of its code of ethical conduct, the HONcode.

The HONcode is the most widely accepted reference for online health and medical publishers. Currently the HONcode is used by over 7’300 certified websites, more than 10 million pages, covering 102 countries.

The HONcode: Principles

Principle 1. Authoritative

See editorial policy 

Principle 2. Complementarity

See terms of use

Principle 3. Privacy

See privacy policy

Principle 4. Attribution

Medical and health information and legal information are provided with dates of publication and dates of last revision. Medical and health information are provided with sources and references.

For more information: see editorial policy

Principle 5. Justifiability

If any claims are made on the KAAHE website, these claims will be provided with references to scientific evidence. Moreover, they will be balanced, objective and alternatives will be given where possible.

Principle 6. Transparency

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Principle 7. Financial disclosure

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Principle 8. Advertising policy

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